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Revealing letter of University Crete to the responsible institutions

Cancer-causing waters

What showed the first analyses, what makes the ministry

öéëôñá íåñïõ, øõêôåò, áðïóêëçñõíôåòThe "BOMB" with the potable waters that they contain substances what it is possible they cause damage in the human organism she was ready ekragej' for enough time. Already from the May of running year the Laboratory of Environmental Chemical Activities of University Crete informed the ministry of Health and the synarmo'dja ministries of Environment and Trade, that it had located dangerous substances (that are considered cancer-causing) in potable waters. Thus all the citizens of country learned for the dangerously dirty ions, which are considered by the scientists cancer-causing. The research of University Crete was not accidental: the Laboratory has begun from in the old days study on the quality of potable waters of Mediterranean countries, with financing of European Union.
In his letter therefore to all the above government owned institutions (the text of which keeps in mind "the Step") the Laboratory stressed the following: "In studies, that are included in the frame of mentioned before program (s.s. of: European Union) that work out the EPEHIDJ we have realised the presence of ions vrwmj'oy in almost all waters emanating from coastal regions of our country.

The presence to them is owed mainly in the infiltration of marine water, that is observed in periods of overpumping and drought. Also the studies to us proved that the vro'hjno water of coastal regions contains important quantity of ions vrwmj'oy. This results were the spark that us prompted to investigate the presence of dirty ions and ions vrwmj'oy and in bottled waters that circulate in the trade and as they are acquaintance they are disinfected with ozonj'wsi ".

The subject therefore are not the "innocent" ions vrwmj'oy that are answered in the nature. Their . "mutation " in the dangerously dirty ions becomes at the duration of treatment of bottled waters, in the phase of their "cleaning ": that is to say in the disinfection of water with the process of ozonj'wsis. Thus, to his letter, the Laboratory leads to the following conclusions, which partly differ from the "picture" which was cultivated the previous days from a lot of involved:

Firstly, they circulate bottled waters where the concentration of ions is three until four times bigger than the permissible limits, that is to say the 10 micrograms per litre of water, that fixes the American legislation and is directed adopts the European Union.

Secondly, "probably the companies do not know the make, kacw's are not reported nor the ions vrwmj'oy by which dirty they are produced with ozonj'wsi. The control of ions vrwmj'oy is rendered important before the choice and application of any process of disinfection ".

Who companies are involved? Until now the ministry of Health it prefers the silence, kacw's the undersecretary Mr Em. Skoyla'kis expects the final conclusions and the consultation of responsible European Union, ensuring with his statements the consumers that does not run through danger their health. In the corridors however the subject is discussed widely. "The Step" has in his disposal the names of companies, in the bottled waters which was found big content of dangerous dirty ions of. Him it does not publish however because this is not responsibility of newspaper neither wants it enters in a possibility "commercial war". The ministry of Health owes to inform the common opinion and to protect immediately the public health, not only making complete control of all waters, but also prohibiting the circulation of particular bottled waters. And this is rendered still more imperative, kacw's information reports that the controls should extend itself also in known refreshments, for the production of which is used dangerous water.

The shaping of dirty ions at the process of disinfection is only one from the sides of question. Actually the methods of disinfection of potable water AND water of networks of water supply include certain dangers if are not taken the suitable measures and if they are not applied with meticulousness and individually, depending on the "peculiarities of" waters. Thus the chlorination can also egkymonej' dangers for the public health in certain cases, as the ozonj'wsi is bearable in other.

How many we are in danger

"The Step" was addressed in the person in charge of Laboratory of Environmental Chemical Activities of University Crete, the professor Eyrjpj'di Stefa'noy, in order to "it lits up" the problem of bottled waters (even if our interlocutor did not know that had in our disposal the letter to the ministry of Health). As we see what resulted from the discussion:

The first question was who they are these eminent by-products of disinfection of water that can threaten our health and what it means ozonj'wsi:

"The ozone " points out Mr Stefa'noy "reacts with the organic matter that is contained in water and shapes by-products of disinfection. However most important than this by-products, because their venturousness mutagens are what is shaped via the reaction of ozone with the ions vrwmj'oy (in concentrations in water, from the 0 - 150 ppb), dirty ions. Their venturousness became acquaintance 1990. the Service of Environment of USA proposed in 1994 as biggest acceptable rally for potable water the 10 ppb. The same price has been proposed and from the European Union 1995. Exists the following antinomy in the Greek waters that were examined: they have very good initial quality, him it distinguishes reason charm low content in organic coal. This contributes in reacts the ozone completely with vrwmjoy'ha and him oxejdw'nej in dirty, without the competition of oxidation of organic coal. We know that in waters with high rates of organic coal the ozone reacts more with organic coal despite with vrwmjoy'ha ".

What becomes also however with the disinfection of water, with the method of chlorination? Mr Stefa'noy is also explicit: "Ypohlwrj'tis it reacts with the natural organic matter and, apart from his disinfectant action, it organically shapes hlwrjwme'na products that are named trjalomeca'nja (chloroform), which the presence of in potable water, because their venturousness, beings in restrictive concentrations. Even if all appear little - very specifically, should say that when in the waters that are chlorinated exist products vrwmj'oy, except the hlwrjwme'nwn products, take also shape said vrwmjwme'na trjalomeca'nja. These vrwmodjhlwromeca'njo are mainly considered particularly dangerously ".

In the case of that is to say verification of venturousness of water from the existence of dirty ions should the involved companies close? Answers Mr Stefa'noy: "The companies were not in place they know the parameter with dirty, kacw's does not exist legislation not even for propompoy's dirty, that is the vrwmjoy'ha ions. The companies have possibility of decreasing the content in dirty with the following ways: Firstly, with the reduction of dosologj'as disinfectant or the change of process of disinfection, that is to say small quantities of addition of disinfectant in two or three successive stages of treatment. Secondly, with the use of filters of active coal afterwards the disinfection. Thirdly, via the radiation with yperjw'dejs beams afterwards the disinfection for the destruction of dirty ions. Fourthly, with combination of above processes. In conlusion, the technology exists and it is improved and most companies, because the economic robustness of sector, are in place they invest in new technologies, but still more a lot in the improvement existing ".

Exist does reason of panic? it is the next question in our interlocutor: "No " answers Mr Stefa'noy. "It should I mark that the country for us is found between the states that have the" luxury "or the possibility of checking the by-products of disinfection and of having access in technologies that allow the minimisation of their presence in potable waters. The knowledge of situation will allow her confrontation and this is the positive conclusion of history ".

The methods of cleaning of water that recommends the professor Mr Stefa'noy in the present article are the himself precisely with those that are applied in the systems of cleaning of water in our house.

Thus therefore in most of cases it does not need we consume expensive konservopojime'no water, when we can have our own clean water in the tap of our house, from a good filter of cleaning of water.

The subject with the problems of water, bottled or water of network of city, did not cease never it occupies the SME. Thus in our question to the University Crete that presented also the problem of bottled water, reason of insufficient fj'ltransis and except specifications of ways of transport and keep. The answer that we took was the following: "The University ceased deals with this type research …" As long as for the recommended conditions of transport and keep of bottled water they presuppose: Transport by the factory and remaining locomotions by the big deposits in smallest, in lorries refrigerators (particular the summer months). Keep in deposits refrigerators and supply of water from the consumers through bookshelves refrigerators. The need that imposes the parapa'nw metres, which from that we know they are not applied, is one and simple: Because the bottled water it is degraded in different from the mentioned before conditions of transport and storage…


TO BHMA, 21-09-1997
Main Article: B12447A041

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