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"How much dangerous is the water where pj'noyme"

From the reportage between Community responsible it emerges that problem with water exists in a lot of countries of European Union. And in order to we are explicit, the big question it is the management of water and his treatment until it reaches in the glass of consumer. This is in effect so much for water of network what for bottling.

The report on Greece

* Particular accent is given in the report in the breaking to pieces of beginnings that deals with the chapter "potable water". Three ministries and innumerable services are involved in the subject, so that it is created one incredible "alaloy'm", but also in certain cases "waterproof" that prevent the information of medium citizen. As it said Community responsible, the political leadership in Greece has not taken very seriously the problems with water. Something that had admitted pre time in special meeting and the general secretary of Environment Mr Ilj'as Mperja'tos. Responsibilities however have also the local societies with their beginnings, that demonstrate a "lightness" in a subject of "life and death".

* From the mainer problems that they locate the experts in our country it is the age of network of water supply, which in enough cases is manufactured even with inadequate materials, which should be replaced.

* Problem exists also with the chlorination of water of networks of cities. It is appreciated that roughly the 50% of systems of distribution of potable water in the country present problem, in the one or in the other degree. A percentage enough high for the European data. The chlorination of water, as they say the experts, are a critical capital: the ypohlwrj'wsi can mean epidemics, while the yperhlwrj'wsi is suspect for carcinogeneses.
Persons in charge for many "paratra'goyda", even for pollutions of network, are kakotehnj'es that have become in a lot of regions in the networks of water supply. In the report is marked the example of provincial city of Northern Greece, where "fwsti'res" that manufactured the network they placed the pipes of sewerage above the pipings of water, with result a escape pollutes potable water!

* The insufficient follow-up of network of water supply, but also quality of potable water, is a other "minus" that is ascribed in the Greek beginnings. Apart from the big urban centres, where exist infrastructures, in a lot of regions of country the measurements and the controls are insufficient, mark the experts. Even when they become certain measurements, are not informed in time also anelljpw's the Community beginnings. As they said experts, in 1996 Greece informed for 17 samples of water, which were examined for the by any chance pollution by pesticides. The same time interval the "mediocre" Britain was presented it has made analyses in 48.000 samples.

Comment: What ascribes in Greece report of European experts with regard to the quality and the control of potable waters
Article of newspaper the STEP

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