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Serious problem of water


In marginal levels reach, other one year, the margins of water supply of most islands of Aegean, mainly the Cyclades, while we cover already the chronicle "filet of" tourist period.
öéëôñá íåñïõ, øõêôåò, áðïóêëçñõíôåòIn a lot of cases, from the taps of home and hotels runs glyfo' water, elsewhere the obligatory or preventive interruptions is daily, while today karava'kja-ydrofo'res they even begin from Lavrion in order to they fill the empty reservoirs of certain islands and the kegs they distribute potable water in certain settlements.

The last years, the aquatic resources of Aegean are exhausted, while the demand is increased and the effort are covered the needs are based mainly on small factories of desalination, local dams and barrages. The success, in any case, is not always ensured, specifically for years as two last ones, that the tanks of water did not fill, because water shortage.

The the most organised management of waters becomes from the Municipal Enterprises of Water supply and Sewerage (function 20 DEYA in the Cyclades, the Dodekanisa and the Northern Aegean), that often support technically and the networks of other regions of same island. Still and these however function under unequal terms, after often do not allocate laboratories of qualitative control of water, personnel, sufficiency of current and financing.

A enterprise

Estimate of directing adviser of WATER COMPANY OF ATHENS AND PIREAUS, Dionyssis Xe'noy, is that the viable growth of islands it is related with the sufficiency of aquatic resources. "For this, objective of WATER COMPANY OF ATHENS AND PIREAUS is exists a powerful enterprise of management of waters, something that is impossible with the small split enterprises. Already we work out study with the Techical university and I calculate that in the end of year we will aim at concrete and action ".

In between, in any case, the reality is recorded indicatively as follows:

* By 55 municipal drillings ydrey'etaj the Paros, that daily needs 14.500 cubic metres (k.m.) water (4.000 k.m. of winter).

The region of Parojkja's has good quality water, but no enough and they become interruptions of water feeder each day, while is also distributed water with ydrofo'ra kegs. In the region of Naoussa exists sufficiency, but the water is glyfo'.

* The general director of DEYA Paros, Nikos Papaeystacj'oy, explains that in the past became overpumping of waters up to that was caused salinity. "The geologists support that with new drillings will be found potable water but took also approval for manufacture of one unit of desalination 1.000 k.m.". Objective of enterprise is the creation of laboratory of microbiological control, that is appreciated that it will cost 15-20 million of Drs

* In Mykonos functions one from the few similar laboratories, but has only a biologist that takes daily samples for indicative controls, makes chlorination and supervises the operation of refineries that cleans drawn water.

* The technical head of DEYA of Mykonos, Mr Koyna'nis, appreciates that will not exist problem of water supply up to the end September, despite the marginal reserves.

The needs of island are covered by two dams of total capacity of 3.900.000 k.m. of water, that today have hardly 350.000-400.000 k.m., one unit of desalination 1.000 k.m./day and one ydrofo'ra that it brings 2.000 k.m. each second day, while on 15 August is expected the beginning of operation of second unit of desalination.

The desalination, however, depends from the NATIONAL ELECTRICAL COMPANY and the interruptions of current on the island is very frequent. As it says Mr Koyna'nis, from the voids of electrification have been burned 5 engines of unit of desalination and continuously spoil the pumps of sewages.

* In the municipality Ermoy'polis Syra, the water is produced exclusively by the desalination.

* He is not, however, potable because this would have much bigger cost that the municipality cannot still face, explains the DG of DEYA, Giorgos Vakoy'ndjos. Cubic water it is cost graduatedly 350-1.000 Drs, while in the other two municipalities, Anw Syra and Posidonias, it reaches also the 2.000 Dr because it is ensured mainly by drillings and ydrofo'ra.

The desalination is the alone possibility that djavle'poyn in the island, specifically as long as the particular technology becomes cheaper.

* By a ambitious program of environmental studies on the water supply, sewerage, management of litter and biological cleaning of Santorini, that became before hro'nja, only that it was realised it is the biological cleaning of Oj'as. The same community has the unique unit of desalination and the remainder island has glyfo' water.

* "The DEYA Ci'ras will try it promotes immediately at least the desalination glyfoy'", says the director Akis Haj!da'kis, "protoy' we reach in the point afalatw'noyme straight marine water, that will have enormous cost".

They are this year covered for

* With in turn use of drillings, tahydjyljsti'rjo and one unit of desalination that will be delivered on 20 August, will remove the this year's summertime Ios. The barrage Mylopota'moy, capacity of 280.000 k.m., is authorisation because anomvrj'as.

* The mayor, Giorgos Poyssaj'os, appreciates that will not exist particular problem this year, in the long run however should is decreased the wastefulness. "The problem of Cyclades, however, should be faced per island and in certain will always need also the transport with ydrofo'res".

* Even except Cyclades, in a island as the Mitilini, that ydrodotej'taj at 90% from his sources, the DEYA it makes daily interruptions of water for preventive reasons.

* "The years with rainfall we do not face no problem", it says the director, Everything. Klazj'tis. "This year however we made and drillings and began briefing of public on restriction of consumption".

KYRIAKATIKI - 05/08/2001

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öéëôñá íåñïõ, øõêôåò, áðïóêëçñõíôåò        öéëôñá íåñïõ, øõêôåò, áðïóêëçñõíôåò        öéëôñá íåñïõ, øõêôåò, áðïóêëçñõíôåò

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