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And hakj' water


Inadequate we found in percentage 13,5% potable water of military units of basin, while laboratorial examination showed that in 6 cases the coasts near units were inadequate for swimming.

It is results of laboratorial examinations that held the Centre of Biological Researches of Army (KVJES), one from the most modern laboratories of controls in Greece and one from the 8 military centres that cover all the territory.


Beyond the controls of foods, the KVJES checks samples potable and marine water of all units of Attica, covering and three sectors of armed forces: from the reservoirs of water in submarines and in frigates, up to marine waters of naval stations or units that are used as military resorts.

* The results the microbiological and chemical examinations that became therefore in 1998 in potable water showed that in enough cases the water was inadequate for consumption.

* In the KVJES they reached to examination 540 samples, which were submitted in 330 microbiological and 113 chemical examinations in the laboratories, following the criteria that has established the EU

* Inadequately they were judged 73. the problem it is owed or in the origin of water from drillings or in damage of network inside the units.

* The controls that held the same centre and concern the quality of marine water, covering a extent from the coasts of Evia - there is found naval base - up to Maracw'na - where they are the resorts of officers.

The conclusions

* In 6 cases the results showed that the coasts are inadequate.

According to information, the problem had been located in the marine region of Saint Andrea, where private individual found adeja'zej sewages.

* The KVJES, also located that in 8 cases - in total of 26 samples - the units of biological cleanings did not fill the essential specifications.

Commenting the results of laboratorial examinations, the director of KVJES, lieutenant colonel Dimitris Mpampe's, realises that the last years the region of Sarwnjkoy' presents intense improvement.

As long as it concerns potable water, the himself underlines that his quality is overloaded in regions where has not been developed completely apoheteytjko' network, so that is rendered essential the chlorination or the infiltration in water of drillings.

The controls that hold the centre were extended recently also except military units. On behalf of the prefecture of Eastern Attica, for example, the KVJES it checks the conditions in piscicultures in the Sarwnjko'.

FREE PRESS - 05/09/1999

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