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Apetaxa'min the chloride

Two conditions: Protection round the ydrolibj'a and most excellent network

The Star Pantokra'tora of assistant of professor of Polytechnic Faculty Xanthi

Disinfection of water is named the process of destruction of micro-organisms that is found in water in such degree, so that is avoided the challenge of illnesses from his use. The disinfectants that are used today are the chloride, the dioxide of chloride, hlwramj'nes, the ozone and the yperjw'dis radiation. Even in the cases where the disinfection becomes with the use of ozone or yperjw'doys radiation, in the end is added small quantity of chloride that travels in the network of water supply up to the taps of consumers. Objective of addition of chloride afterwards the disinfection is the fighting of micro-organisms that is found in the walls of pipes of network of water supply.

The chloride is a chemical substance which they swallow daily billions persons in all the world in order to they avoid problems of health from likely presence of dangerous micro-organisms in potable water. It could be said that it is preventive medicine that takes no one in all the life in order to it avoids a likely illness which can also present itself never. It has been confirmed scientifically that the chloride causes problems in the human organism, particularly in big doses. Despite this make, it is used very widely as disinfectant in potable water, because the danger from the micro-organisms (sometimes death) is bigger than the side effects of chloride (it is the theory of smaller villain). Below are given two examples of cities that do not chlorinate potable water.

The potable water of Munich emanates from sources that are found in the tops ¢lpewn and it reaches in the city with natural flow. It is so much good quality (second best in Europe) that it does not suffer no treatment, not even chlorination. The medium daily consumption is 320.000 k.m. the water of Berlin emanates from drillings and is exceptional quality. It only suffers airing and rapid refinement without the addition of no chemical substance, while it does not suffer chlorination.

Interest presents the method of protection of sources of Munich. The company of water supply of city began in 1992 a pioneering pilot program of protection of sources. The company signed agreement with the farmers in order that all their activities in the region are friendly to the environment. Has been determined biggest number of animals per household and is not allowed the use of artificial forages only that natural food of region. Also is not allowed the use of pesticides and fertilizers in the cultures, only that manure from the animals of region. The produced ecological products are trafficked in by the cooperative of farmers that participates in the program. The company of water supply strengthens economically the farmers and this money emanates from special end that is imposed in the consumers of water. The metre is right, because the not protection of sources would lead to pollution of water, which in order to it is then rendered potable would be supposed to suffer complicated treatment with the use of chemical substances. Thus the consumers would pay more money and they would have water of bad quality from current that is exceptional. It is interesting program of ecological growth with wider positive repercussions in the economy and the quality of life of region.

In the two parapa'nw cities is not essential the chlorination, because also the networks of distribution of water are in most excellent situation. In Berlin eg all the elements of network of water supply are checked each year and become systematic control of escapes (they are used also special ka'meres). The frequency of control of escapes in the main drivers is each four years. The parapa'nw metres have as result the escapes of network of finding itself in this 5%. percentage they are smaller possible that can be achieved in network of water supply.
Conclusion. For the exemption of potable water from chloride are required two conditions. First the are creation of area of protection round ydrolibj'a and the strict control of all activities in s? this for the reject of pollution. The second condition is the maintenance of network of water supply in most excellent situation. Attention however. Even if the two parapa'nw conditions are not satisfied absolutely, the chlorination is extremely essential. It will exist i wonder proportional example in our country, that will ensure in the citizens water of good quality and exempted from chloride?
FREE PRESS - 11/11/2000

water quality, water pollution, water filters, www.FiltraNerou.gr

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