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Suspect substances in water of Athens
PROBABLY cancer-causing substances are considered trjklomeca'nja that take shape at his chlorination.


Suspect substances, that according to the Service of Environment of USA it is very likely they are cancer-causing, were located in water of Athens.

It is unions trjklomecanj'wn what they take shape at the process of disinfection of water with chloride (chlorination of water). In certain in deed samples of potable water that were received at the period of summertime 1993, the total trjklomecanj'wn in certain regions of Athens exceeded the 100 mg per litre that is the maximum limit, which have established international organisms, as the World Organisation of Health (THAT) and the Service of Environment of USA.

On the contrary, the total mean of these unions in water of Athens of is lower corresponding percentages that is detected in water of USA but also limits that places the World Organisation of Health.

These are certain from the conclusions the important and pioneering research that realises the Sector of Chemistry of Environment of Department of Chemistry of University Crete with head the professor Mr Eyrjpj'di Stefa'noy.

The professor stresses that up to moment does not exist no reason of concern for the health of residents, needs however continuous scientific vigilance and systematic control of potable water.

As we see however him it answered Mr Stefa'noy in certain questions of "E":

* Gentleman Stefa'noy, which type unions are the trjklomeca'nja and who practices are applied internationally for their confrontation?

- Trjklomeca'nja they are unions what they are created by the reaction of chloride with certain natural organic unions that are found in crude water. This reaction happens when is realised the process of disinfection of (chlorination) the water. From this opinion however it is not possible him we avoid, that is to say when is disinfected the water.
In trjklomeca'nja they are included the chloroform, vrwmofo'rmjo, the vrwmodehlwromeca'njo and djvrwmohlwromeca'njo, where with djhlwrooxjko' acid (union who also is produced at the chlorination of water) they have been characterized by the Service of Environment of USA (ERA) as probably cancer-causing for the person. Historical are located for first time in the USA in 1974 and since then with decisions of Congress are taken measures for the reduction of concentration trjklomecanj'wn in underground waters. As maximum in deed permissible price of concentration for the total trjklomecanj'wn in potable water, 100mg/L (microgram per litre or millionth the gram per litre or RRV) for communities with population a'nw the 10.000 residents. This choice has as direct result the reduction trjklomecanj'wn until 75%. Greece and the European Union has not established still maximum acceptable prices for trjklomeca'nja.

* Who your estimates by the research for water of Athens?

- It should I stress that the research apart from Athens has become in the three big cities of Crete and in bottled waters. Exist important differences in the concentrations of these unions from city in city, what are owed in the different origin of crude water, in the particularities of networks of water supply as well as systems of treatment. Impression causes the high relatively concentration vrwmoformj'oy that is considered more dangerous than chloroform.

A reasonable explanation for the existence vrwmj'oy is the make that in certain rocks it is met in increased quantity. The all subject constitutes element of study in program that it has become acceptable to be financed from the European Union.

The research proved moreover that the surface waters concerning yo'geja usually contain bigger quantity of natural organic unions, with direct subsequent afterwards the chlorination are found bigger quantities trjklomecanj'wn.

In periods in deed where the level of water in Athens existed low, eg the summertime 1993, certain of the unions trjklomecanj'wn in certain regions exceeded the marginal price 100PPb (USA) or the maximum permissible indicator that has placed the World Organisation of Health (THAT).

- Alternative methods
At the same time Mr Stefa'noy reports that the alternative methods of cleaning of water that were applied in the USA for the reduction of concentration trjklomecanj'wn did not yield the desirable results. The use of ozone as disinfectant proved that it shaped with the ions vrwmj'oy dangerous by-products.

On the other hand the methods of removal of this unions, afterwards the chlorination as the use of filters of active coal, or benefit of air, the utilisation of system of special membranes or the process of expulsion of natural organic unions before the disinfection, even if in certain cases they function well, increase considerably the cost of production of potable water with low comparative with the health advantages or they present dysepj'lyta to the present technological problems.

Important element for the protection public health is the make that the Sector of Chemistry of Environment of University Crete developed the last years analytic methodology for the determination trjklomecanj'wn in levels of concentrations of djsekatommyrjostw'n gram, that is to say thousand times smaller limits and in particular separate for each union, from what has fixed the USA. On the contrary the usual methodological analyses locate only the total concentration trjklomecanj'wn, thing that is insufficient.

- Know-how
Already the acquired know-how has been transmitted by the Sector of Environment of Chemistry of Chemical Department of University Crete in the [DEYAI] (Municipal Enterprise of Water supply of Sewerage Heraklion), which from 1993 after it acquired the necessary equipment checks in collaboration with the sector in question potable water in entire the island for the mentioned before unions.
Simultaneously is examined the origin of bottled waters. When they contain [triklomethania] then it is certain that they do not emanate from natural source but from network of water supply.

Still a ascertainment of research, is that with the utilization of filter of active coal of trade (even simplest that are found in jug) is achieved reduction of concentration of unions [triklomethanion] in potable water in percentage between 60% - 70%.

The reserves of water constitute for each country strategic national resource for the health of residents but also the economic and social growth. [Gi]? [ayto] [o] scientific control of water and his recycling more specifically in the Mediterranean countries has capital importance, if it does not constitute for somebodies fundamental term of survival.

The sector of Chemistry of Environment of University Crete achieved it is financed in the competitive program of European Union with the sum of 100.000.000 drachmas, where it will participate as coordinator of program in collaboration with the Techical university of Haifa (Israel) and the General Chemical laboratory of State of Cyprus, in order to they investigate the conditions of disinfection of potable water and treatment of sewages amining at the production of potable water and recycled sewages released from [chloriomenes] unions. Also for the subject of water it has made specialized proposals in collaboration with the University [Ioanninon], the Institution of Technological Researches Patras, the Municipal Enterprise of Water supply of - Sewerage [Ioanninon] and the [ESETE], in [plaiso] Community program [EPETII], in order that our country is rendered as possible [aytarki] in the methods of treatment of potable water and sewages.


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