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It causes disability - cancers
Shock for dangerous substance in skeya'smata from plastic PVC.


Wide presence of toxic substance DEHP, a fcaljki's union that is used as additive in plastic and has negative effect in the antrjkoy's genital glands, showed research of "Gkrjnpj's" in 46 samples of medical products manufactured from plastic PVC, that they circulate in various countries, between these and in Greece.

The products that analyzed the international environmental organisation "were collected" with the help and the guidance of medical personnel. The analyses for presence of fcaljkw'n unions I became in the laboratory "Stat of analysis - Chicago, Illinois of" USA.

The patients, at the duration of their treatment, can be exposed in DEHP from various medical products, as, for example, those that make hemolysis: they are exposed in big quantities of DEHP, kacw's this is released from askoy's the PVC, in that is often stored the blood. The constructors practising for benefit of endoflevj'wn solutions "admit that the DEHP enters in solutions of chloride sodium and dextrose, that is often used as endofle'vja solutions in ill". The level EHP that have been measured in endofle'vja solutions are above 800 times higher than permissible in the USA for potable water.

The director of Greek office "Gkrjnpj's", Mr Ste'ljos Bwma's said yesterday in interview of Press that in 1998 the scientific committee of EU led to the conclusion that the more important effect of DEHP in the persons is the damage in their testicles. On the present, it continued, the researchers that use DEHP in their laboratories see the following pointings out in the packing: R45 (it can it causes cancer), R62(pjcano's danger for reduction of fertility), R63 (likely danger for damage in foetuses), R36/37/38 (irritant for the eyes, the respiratory and skin).

Researches in guinea-pigs showed that the DEHP can cause serious damage in the developing foetus, in the reproductive system, the liver, the kidneys, the heart and the lungs.

The American service of protection of environment considers the DEHP suspect of carcinogenesis for the person.

A lot of countries, included Greece, already have taken preventive measures that limit the use of DEHP and other of fcaljkw'n unions (and in games PVC).

Community directive 93/42/EE determines specifications for medical products, what substantially leads to the adoption of materials of alternative PVC. The directive requires, for example, "medical products that eliminate or limit the risk as possible", via "sure planning and manufacture".
What comes in "opposition with himself the nature of PVC, in order to it is rendered useful requires the addition plastjkopojitw'n, as the DEHP. The same directive renders explicit that "the medical tools should be drawn and manufactured in such a way that is minimised the danger from the escape of substances from the product". And that "it should is given particular attention in the choice of used materials regarding the toxicity.".

The countries in which it became the research it is: Austria, Brazil, Britain, France, Germany, Denmark, Greece, USA, India, Spain, Holland and Philippines.

FREE PRESS - 21/10/1999

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