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PESTICIDES the atrazine from the sprayings of citrus fruits, in the ydrofo'ro horizon
Pj'noyme water with cancer-causing


Water with cancer-causing substances pj'noyn thousands Greeks in various regions of country, as in Peloponnese, the Continent and Crete and more specifically in Arta, Argolida but also where are cultivated citrus fruits.

öéëôñá íåñïõ, øõêôåò, áðïóêëçñõíôåòThis is owed in the make of utilisation of concrete pesticides that contains the substance atrazine, which, as they proved studies of Greek Institute of Hygiene and Safety of Work in collaboration with the Dimo'krjto, can create carcinogeneses.

Cancer-causing substances are also included in other pesticides, as showed the same study, in chemical that is used for the appearance of films, but also in certain custards of person that are used for the apohrwma'twsi, apalejfi' that is to say stains from the person.

For this worrying possibility of carcinogeneses the chairman of ELJNYAE, professor in the National Faculty of Public Health Vasilis Makro'poylos, recommends direct briefing that they deal with the agriculture and use thoughtlessly the pesticides with this substances. The himself will ask collaboration with the institutions of agrotosynetajrjstjkoy' movement in order to it organises, shortly, events of briefing of world in this regions of country.

For this substances, up to pro'tjnos, could not the scientists djecw's, with the methods of analysis that existed, realise ea'n they are or no cancer-causing because their toxicity. The ELJNYAE in collaboration with the Dimo'krjto they developed a new method, which - as explained in the "E" the ereyni'trja Georgia Terzoy'di - accomplishes it sees in in the cellular circle, so that it realises ea'n the examined substance they are cancer-causing. It is for worldwide prwtja' and, as marked the professor Makro'poylos, the study it became acceptable for publication and he is to be published in the next copy of e'gkrjtoy scientific British magazine Metagenesis.

The atrazine that is contained in the pesticide (weedkiller) known as atrazol, which is used mainly in the sprayings of citrus fruits in a lot of regions of our country and is cancer-causing, was also located in dangerous for the human health rate of concentration in potable water. This - as explains Mr Makro'poylos - is observed because the atrazine has the faculty leads to the ydrofo'ro horizon, because apodomej'taj easily in the environment, so that is also detected in water.

The file with the results of studies, that classify henceforth atrazine in the cancer-causing substances, is already found in the hands of ministry of Agriculture, while the European Union is to prohibit the circulation atrazo'l from the beginning of next year.

A other substance, ydrokjno'ni, that according to the study was found also cancer-causing, is contained in custards of person for the apohrwma'twsi, the therapeutic confrontation for the stains that makes the sun in the skin, as well as in chemical appearance of photographic films. The third substance that found to be cancer-causing is the parakoya't, that is contained in acquaintance in those who they deal with the agriculture pesticide gramoxon. This pesticide is used also widely in the agriculture while, as she explained Mr Makro'poylos, is radjominytjko', that is to say acts as radiation in the human organism causing mainly serious damage in the lungs.

It should are taken the essential measures of protection (gloves, mask, uniform) at the sprayings, point out Mr Makro'poylos, as well as atrazol and gramoxon they can cause serious damage in the health, after aporrofoy'ntaj by the skin. In our country - continued the professor - is observed the phenomenon many of the farmers rantj'zoyn without the essential for the safety of their health equipment, as well as near in their houses or in schools en hour of course.

It should are read carefully the directives of use of pesticides, as well as are used the required only quantities. "The thoughtful that more medicine helps more a lot it is erroneous and it can bring only the opposite results also for the health himself the and consumers", said the himself. The foods contain more pesticides than the quantity that is required so that they are protected, it explained the professor. The farmers they observe the years of be'kasis, rantj'zoyn that is to say the products few days before harvest (15-20 before should stop the sprayings). Because, if does not become and the required control front are channelled the products in the markets, enter in danger the consumers.

The clothes with which spray the farmers should be cleaned separately from the rests.

With regard to water, explained the himself, will be supposed it is avoided in the regions where become sprayings the water of wells, while with regard to water of tap it recommends become measurements from the ministry of Agriculture, so that it is realised ea'n are located the cancer-causing substances. In Argolida, marks the himself, has found njtrozamj'nes (azotoy'hes unions) in water, what is cancer-causing for the organism.

FREE PRESS - 30/08/2003

water quality, water pollution, water filters, www.FiltraNerou.gr

öéëôñá íåñïõ, øõêôåò, áðïóêëçñõíôåò        öéëôñá íåñïõ, øõêôåò, áðïóêëçñõíôåò        öéëôñá íåñïõ, øõêôåò, áðïóêëçñõíôåò

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