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"We cut kladj' above in that we sate"

"We want water -kaj him we want clean!" demonstrated from hertzian the advertising spota'kj of Local Self-government, only and only for na. it causes laughters and disappointing thoughts for what would remember that the same municipalities and communities (certain many, en pa'si perjptw'sej, from general sy'nolo.) that "they want clean water", maintain me. pious consequence in their regions outlaws "tips" that pollute the environment and dilitirja'zoyn the ydrofo'roys horizons, and "clean water" that "they want"!

First in Europe in illegal and unverifiable "tips" (above 1.500 in entire Greece!), first in Europe in the "bad management of" more total "environment", mprosta'rides most municipalities pe'rjx the big urban centres in the reactions and the "fighting mobilisations" in order to MH they become in their regions "Xw'roj of Sanitary Burial of Litter" (and as they are apodedejgme'na absolutely sure and healthy!) - do not become these "dumps of" other regions. And in the obvious observation "ma, and where they will go the waste, this obligatory by-product of culture and our consumerism", the answer is easy and given: "where elsewhere you want, in other municipalities - no in any case in us!" Only that. "volunteer" they do not exist, and the state it calculates (you see they become also. all kinds elections each so much!) excessively the. votes and the political cost.

"You give in the Ground a occasion!", the sign of OHE for finally World Hme'ra of Environment - but the. signs, the prompts and the "decisions of" this organism, regarding (with the more general significance) the person and his more total "environment" have unfortunately the same value with his "political" decisions: they are in effect and they are only applied. provided that they serve in any case they do not also oppose the interests of powerful, even when this powerful they consider "their interest". to cut kladj' above in which seat the himself, and with them and entire the world! What remained, what was in effect from those who "they were decided" in the world conference on the environment in, before enough hro'nja, or be it most recent in Kyoto? How they could (simply. they could not!) no "ntespera'ntos" this planet, but even the "powerful b of order", as the European states, they impose the application and the respect that (but, even these, "ellejmmatjkw'n" on the substance and limited concerning the extent of problem of murder of environment.) decisions and "restrictions" they were adopted in these conferences, front in the provocative and hydaj'a refusal of planitjki's superpower of HPA, to limit the pollution and the destruction, with the argument that "such something would affect negatively in the rythms of growth of economy."?

H common logic says, of course, that he is idiot thinks no one "rythms of growth", when the "house" that lives the billions of persons, the Ground, is destroyed in such degree that will be ruined each form of life, as him we mean today at least - but because this gloomy future is very "long" (in no one. 150arja' hro'nja, that is to say) the "practical" thought of administrators of political power and economic interests that him support, they satisfy in. convenient "dws' imj'n si'meron.", and for "tomorrow", as they see. epj'gonoj' our. If they exist. We "today" we close balance-sheets, today we publicise kerdoforj'es.

Newspaper: DAILY Sunday, 9 Ioynj'oy 2002

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